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Dosimeter «Родник» 3

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FeedingFrom batteries, From battery
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
IP degree of protectionthere is no data
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Features of "Rodnik 3" dosimeter:

  • Constant measurement of radiation levels in the background;
  • Alarm with adjustable trigger threshold;
  • Built-in clock and non-volatile memory to save settings
  • Dosimeter Rodnik 3 is one of the most compact radiation meters on the market


  • 10 years of battery life! The unique energy efficiency system allows the device to run on one set of batteries for a very long time - you will forget that you need to change the cells!
  • Continuous background operation. The device constantly measures the level of radiation background while in active mode, which allows it to display the result on the user 's request instantly - it is not necessary to wait 30-60 seconds, as is usually the case in other models of dosimeters.
  • Configurable signaling. If a dangerous radiation level is detected, the device will issue a warning signal. You can adjust the alarm threshold manually.
  • Built-in clock. The dosimeter can display the current time. At the same time, the clock and all settings are not reset when the batteries are replaced - they are stored in special non-volatile memory.
  • It is characterized by high reliability and accuracy of operation. The device is simple and reliable in design. Possibility of attachment to strap or magnets. The device can be worn on a special strap so that it does not accidentally fall out of the hands (on the housing for it there are appropriate fasteners).
  • In addition, 2 powerful magnets are built into the housing itself - if you want, you can fix the dosimeter even at home on a conventional refrigerator! The built-in dosimeter counter contacts the ambient air through the holes on the rear panel of the device. Ready for operation under any conditions.
  • The device is characterized by a very high-quality assembly, is not afraid of vibrations, falls from a small height, etc. The internal electronic "filling" is protected from condensate and natural moisture in the air.
  • In addition, the instrument remains fully operational and shows consistently high measurement accuracy over a wide temperature range of -20 to 50 ° C.


  • BSM 20-1 gas-discharge counter detector, Geiger-Muller technology
  • Measuring time 20... 300 seconds
  • Measuring range of radioactive background level 0.01... 999.9 μSv/h
  • Error ± 25%
  • Sound alarm threshold levels 0.25... 10.00 μSv/h
  • Continuous measurement indication
  • Displaying Results Numerically
  • Additional clock options
  • Continuous operation time, max. In measuring mode: 15000 h, in hours mode: 80000 h, in off mode: 90000 h
  • Power Supplies
  • 2 AAA batteries or batteries
  • Operating temperature range -20 to 50 ° С
  • Dimensions 111х46х19 mm
  • Weight (without batteries) 45 g

Complete set:

  • "Rodnik 3" radioactivity dosimeter;
  • 2 AAA batteries;
  • instruction;
  • packing.

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FeedingFrom batteries, From battery
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
IP degree of protectionthere is no data

Dosimeter «Родник» 3 reviews

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Отличный дозиметр
ByDecember 8, 2021 06:01
Дозиметр очень понравился, работает отлично. Батарейки не нужны, родных на долго хватает. Маленький и удобный. Показывает время, много разных настроек. Можно установить порог срабатывания. Короче, рекомендую к покупке.
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