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Dosimeter SOEKS Defender

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The "DEFENDER" dosimeter is designed to assess the level of radioactive background, detect objects, food, construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements.
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The "DEFENDER" dosimeter is designed to assess the level of radioactive background, detect objects, food, construction materials contaminated with radioactive elements. The dosimeter estimates the radiation background and the accumulated dose from the ionizing radiation rate (gamma radiation and beta particle flux) taking into account the X-ray radiation.

  • Measurement of accumulated dose up to 100 Zivert
  • New Graphics Shell
  • Graphical representation of the state of the radioactive background in the last hour
  • Audible indication of excess of accumulated dose threshold
  • Operates from either two AAA batteries or NiMh AAA batteries as well as USB

Distinctive features of "DEFENDER" device (compared to "SOEKS-01M" Radioactivity Indicator):

  • Measurement of accumulated dose
  • New graphics shell
  • Extended continuous operation time from power supplies
  • New chassis design
  • Additional graphical representation of the radioactive background state in the last hour: (1 minute display step; Display of maxima and minima of radioactive background; Displaying the average value of the radioactive background; Sound indication thresholds of accumulated dose: 100 mcZ, 500 mcZ, 1 mZ, 5 mZ, 10 mZ, 50 mZ, 100 mZ, 500 mZ, 1 Sv, 5 Sv, 10 Sv, 50 Sv, 100 Sv

Advantages of Defender dosimeter:

  • Stylish design, compact size - bright color display
  • Graphical, numerical and colour indications
  • СБМ-20-1 sensor (manufactured by Russia 2011) - the smallest measurement time among household appliances - 10 sec.
  • Power from batteries or batteries - Russian/English menu

The effects of radiation on the human body are called radiation. During this process, radiation energy is transmitted to the cells, destroying them. Radiation can cause all kinds of diseases: infectious complications, metabolic disorders, malignant tumors, infertility, cataract and others. Radiation is particularly acute on dividing cells, so it is particularly dangerous for children. Using air transport, a person, rising to a height of ten kilometers, loses shielding protection from the Earth 's atmosphere, which leads to a significant increase in additional radiation from space, at high altitudes due to the thin layer of atmosphere absorbing cosmic rays. Radiation gamma radiation is not extinguished by the aircraft fuselage, it is the most dangerous. Tourists do not complain because radiation has neither color, smell nor taste, the consequences can manifest in years. For example, a transatlantic flight from the United States to Europe is accompanied by additional exposure of the body to cosmic radiation at a dose of approximately 0.05 mSv. When lifted to a height of about 10.5 km, the shielding effect of the Earth 's atmosphere partially disappears, and as a result, passengers of the airliner and its crew receive small additional doses of radiation. Pilots and other crew members of jet ships flying frequently across the Atlantic or across the continent may regularly accumulate radiation doses of more than 5 mSv per year, that is, the maximum permissible for the ordinary population (average norm for Western European countries). Formally, flight personnel should be classified as radiation-related workers, but this never happens in practice. The doses they receive are on average higher than those to which the vast majority of workers in other professions, including hospital and nuclear power workers, are exposed. The radiation that airliner crew members deal with is not created by humans and by its nature is certainly natural, always existing at altitude. As for the risk, it was created by the person himself, spending all his working time at an altitude of 10.5 km above the ground and being exposed to danger to a greater extent than the person in natural conditions.

Technical characteristics of dosimeter:

  • 105 mm x 43 mm x 18 mm
  • Recorded gamma-ray energy, MeV From 0.1
  • Range of radioactive background level readings, μSv/h From 0.03 to 100
  • Range of radioactive background level readings, mcR/h From 3 to 10000
  • Warning thresholds, μSv/h From 0.3 to 100
  • Warning thresholds, μR/h 30 to 10000
  • Number of thresholds 16
  • Audio alarm Yes
  • Auto-Disconnect Highlight Yes
  • Auto-disconnect if no action Yes
  • Measurement time is 10-60 sec.
  • Indication Continuous, numerical, graphical
  • Current radiation level Yes
  • Accumulated radiation volume Yes
  • Continuous operation time Up to 10 h
  • Battery charging current not more than 300 mA
  • Control Buttons on the housing
  • Power supply of 2 "AAA" batteries, network
  • Optional USB port (USB-mini), 500 mA
  • Languages Russian, English, option to install additional language packs
  • Weight without batteries 57 g
  • Display Color TFT 128x160 Operating temperature range -20 to 60 0С

Complete set:

  • Defender dosimeter,
  • 2 AAA batteries,
  • Charger,
  • USB-mini cable,
  • Operating manual in Russian.

We are lоcated in Ukraine, but if you or your friends are planning to visit any city of Ukraine, or are planning a tour to Chernobyl (excursion to Chernobyl), then we can send you a dosimeter via the " New Post " courier service https: // novaposhta .ua / This courier delivery has many representative offices in every city of Ukraine. You can pay for the purchase directly at the branch of this company upon receipt of the goods by payment card or in UAH in cash upon receipt of the goods at the "New Post" Office. The goods are delivered to any city of Ukraine within 1-2 days. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Ukraine, fill the order through the shopping cart site or write your request to us at VIBER on +38063 885 90 64 to reserve or order a dosimeter. Good shopping for you! Order right now!

FeedingFrom batteries, From battery
Device typePocket, Portable
Type of radiationGamma
PC connectionNo
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
Country of originRussia
Guarantee12 month

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