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Radiometer-dosimeter of gamma, beta-radiation РКС-01 СТОРА-ТУ NEW

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РКС-01 "СТОРА-ТУ" It is a compact search device with a telescopic bar for rapid detection and localization of gamma- and beta-radiation sources.
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РКС-01 "STORA-TU" is a compact search device with telescopic bar for rapid detection and localization of sources of gamma and beta-radiation.

Thanks to the built-in 4 Geiger-Muller counters, only 5 seconds are enough to quickly evaluate the gamma background. A large luminescent display allows you to display units, measurement errors, threshold level and real time at the same time. The presence of an analog radiation intensity indicator facilitates the localization of radiation sources. The instrument has built-in memory for 1200 measurements and 999 objects of examination. The device was originally developed as an inspection, so the characteristics possessed by STORA-TU are ideal for use in metallurgy to assess the contamination of scrap metal, at customs during inspection of motor vehicles, in the agricultural industry and in many other industries. Wide measurement diappazon, measurement speed, accuracy, usability, possibility to unload measurement reports, affordable cost compared to foreign analogues make the device unique in its segment.

Features of STORA-TU dosimeter-radiometer:

  • Dust protection housing ІР54.
  • Large indicator with luminescent illumination.
  • Simultaneous indication of measurement units, measurement errors, threshold level and real time on the indicator.
  • Analog twelve-segment indicator of intensity of recorded radiation.
  • Possibility to make measurements with known programmed error.
  • Four-level indication of battery discharge.
  • Availability of built-in memory for 1200 measurements and 999 numbers of research objects with the possibility to view recorded information on own indicator of the device.
  • Mode of communication with PC via Bluetooth channel.
  • Availability of three independent measuring channels with specific output of information to one liquid crystal indicator.
  • On-line assessment of gamma background for 5 seconds.
  • Automatic gamma background subtraction when measuring beta contamination.
  • Four embedded gamma-, beta-sensitive Geiger-Muller counters.
  • Automatic selection of measurement intervals and ranges.
  • Audible alarm of each recorded gamma-quantum or beta-particle with possibility of its disconnection.
  • Dual tone audio signaling over programmed threshold levels.
  • Operation with telescopic bar.
  • Two electric power cells of AAA type.
  • STORA-TU can also transmit measurement results to smartphones and tablets on Android in real time. With GS Ecotest, information is processed on a smartphone or tablet, displayed in a user-friendly form and stored in a special database for later viewing. The GS Ecotest program is hosted on the Google Play resource and is available for free download to all users. The dosimeter also has communication with a personal computer via a Bluetooth channel.
  • STORA-TU is certified in Ukraine and in many other countries. The device comes with a mark about the State Check in the passport, which gives the measurement results legal force.

Technical characteristics of dosimeter:

  • Measurement ranges and relative basic errors
  • Rate of equivalent dose of gamma and X-ray radiation (137Cs) μSv/h 0.1... 999.9;% ± (15 1/H * (10)), where H * (10) is the numerical value of measured MAED equivalent to μSv/h
  • density of a stream of beta particles (90 Sr 90 Y) 1 / (cm ² · mines) 5... 100,000; % ± (20,200/φβ) where φβ - the numerical value of the measured area density of a stream of beta particles equivalent it is frequent./(cm 2 × mines) Energy measurement ranges and energy dependence
  • - Gamma and X-rays MeB 0.05... 3,0; ± 25%
  • - Beta-radiation MeB 0.5... 3,0
  • Discretization of programming of threshold levels: - power of a dose there are density of a stream of μSv/h 10 ³ / (cm ² · mines) 0.01 0.01
  • Continuous operation time from new power supply elements (under gamma background conditions not more than 0.3 μSv/h, when illumination and alarm are off) hour 2500
  • Operating temperature range ° С -20... 50
  • Weight kg 0.44
  • Dimensions mm 160 × 75 × 35

Complete set:

  • Radiometer-dosimeter РКС-01 "STORA-TU"
  • Telescopic rod
  • A bag of dense waterproof fabric that allows the device and telescopic bar to be worn on the shoulder
  • Operating instructions
  • Kadmium Eco Monitor Software
  • Packing box

Warranty: 24 months

We are lоcated in Ukraine, but if you or your friends are planning to visit any city of Ukraine, or are planning a tour to Chernobyl (excursion to Chernobyl), then we can send you a dosimeter via the " New Post " courier service https: // novaposhta .ua / This courier delivery has many representative offices in every city of Ukraine. You can pay for the purchase directly at the branch of this company upon receipt of the goods by payment card or in UAH in cash upon receipt of the goods at the "New Post" Office. The goods are delivered to any city of Ukraine within 1-2 days. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Ukraine, fill the order through the shopping cart site or write your request to us at VIBER on +38063 885 90 64 to reserve or order a dosimeter. Good shopping for you! Order right now!

FeedingFrom batteries
Dose thresholdYes
Device typePocket
Type of radiationGamma, Beta, Х-ray
Replaceable dbNo
Search modeNo
Vibration signalYes
PC connectionBluetooth
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
Recorded gamma radiation energiesmin from 50 eV, max up to 3 meV
IP degree of protectionIP54
Guarantee24 month

Radiometer-dosimeter of gamma, beta-radiation РКС-01 СТОРА-ТУ NEW reviews

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