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Dosimeter-radiometer МКС-02СА1 with wide range of measurements

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Dosimeter-radiometer МКС-02СА1. Measures the flow density of alpha and beta particles.
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  • Possibility of data exchange with PC (via USB port).
  • Rapid change of instrument readings at statistically significant change of radiation intensity;
  • Tone sound alarm when the threshold of dose rate, dose or density of concrete particles flow is exceeded by the user;
  • Voice voicing and voice evaluation of the results of measurement of the dose rate of gamma radiation;
  • Sound and visual signalling of radiation intensity;
  • Simultaneous indication on the display with illumination of the name of the mode of operation, the result and unit of measurement, the current statistical error and analogue scale, the maximum value of which is determined by the set threshold of signalling of the measured value;
  • Wide range of gamma (X-ray) radiation dose rate measurement (from 0.1 μSv/h to 0.2 Sv/h);
  • Storage in non-volatile memory of up to 2000 measurement results with their date and time;

Used to:

  • Ministry of Emergency Situations, Customs, Civil Defence;
  • Identification of radiation sources;
  • Detection of radioactive contamination on currency signs and their packages (boxes);
  • In control services at nuclear power plants, medical institutions of radiology, industrial enterprises.


  • Range of measurement of a dose, μSv from 0,01 to 1·10 6
  • Range of measurement of power of a dose, μSv/h from 0,1 to 2·10 5
  • Dose rate indication range, Sv/h from 0.2 to 0.4
  • Photon energy range, MeV 0.05 to 3.0
  • Range of measurement of density of a stream of beta particles (on 90 Sr 90 Y), mines-1 × cm-2 from 5 to 3·10 4
  • Lower limit of energy of detected concrete radiation (by average energy of concrete spectrum 14 С), MeV, not more than 0.05
  • Basic error in all measuring modes,% ± 25
  • Range of indication of density of a stream of alpha particles (on 239 Pu), mines-1 × cm-2 from 10 to 3·10 4
  • Ionizing particle flow range (90 Sr 90 Y), min -1 from 10 to 3 x 10 4
  • Continuous operation time, not less than, h: - from two elements of AA type - from 220 V, 50Hz network (via adapter) or from PC via USB port 400
  • Is not limited
  • Measurement time (variable, decreases with increase of radiation intensity), s, not more than 1 - 120
  • Range of installation of thresholds of power of a dose, μSv/hour (with a step of 0.1 μSv/h) from 0,1 to 4·10 5
  • Range of installation of thresholds of a dose, μSv (with a step of 0.01 μSv) from 0,01 to 1·10 6
  • Range of installation of thresholds of density of a stream of beta and alpha particles, mines-1 × cm-2, (with a step of 1.0 min.-1 × cm-2) from 5 to 3·10 4
  • Range of installation of thresholds of a stream of the ionizing particles, mines-1, (with a step of 1.0 min.-1) from 5 to 3 ·10 4
  • Voice output of dose rate measurements, with Automatic, with intervals of 30, 60 or 120s Single, at any time
  • Audible alarm at exceeding the set threshold of dose rate and density of flow of alpha-, beta- particles Discontinuous signal with interval of 1 s
  • Log recording intervals, min 1; 5; 30 or OFF
  • Log capacity, number of records 2000
  • Display language Russian/English

Voice messages in Russian (or English):

  • - At actuation of "device is ready for operation" device
  • - When the device is switched off, "the device is off"
  • - If the dose rate, flow density of alpha- or beta- particles is exceeded, "the result is higher than the measurement limit"
  • - at excess of the established dose threshold "excess of a threshold of a dose"

Operating conditions:

  • - Temperature at 30 0 С from minus 20 to 50 0 С
  • - Humidity up to 75%

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State verificationNo
Accumulated Dose MeasurementYes
FeedingFrom batteries
Dose thresholdYes
Device typePocket
Type of radiationGamma, Beta, Х-ray, Аlpha
Search modeYes
PC connectionUSB
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
Recorded gamma radiation energiesmin from 50 eV, max up to 3 meV
IP degree of protectionthere is no data
Country of originRussia
Guarantee12 month

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