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Environmental control kit Ecotester SOEKS Impulse

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A kit consisting of a Pulse detector measuring magnetic and electrical field strength and a Soex ecotester evaluating radiation levels and nitrate content in products. Thus, the kit is a universal tool for investigating key factors that can negatively affect human health in the modern world. Both indicators have bright color screens and Russian-language menus. The cost of dialing is about 15% less than the price of two devices.
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How to protect yourself and family members from harmful effects? Use the kit to assess four adverse factors at once!

The modern world looks quite comfortable and safe, but often it is only an illusion. The toll on civilization is the ubiquitous use of chemistry, electromagnetic noise, and sometimes radiation pollution arising in the most unexpected places. We may not notice all of this, but harmful factors soothe our health, stealing days and even years of life. To protect yourself and close people from invisible but real threats, it is necessary to recognize them first of all. For this purpose there are household dosimeters, nitratometers, field indicators, etc. As a rule, each device performs a strictly defined type of measurement, so it is not easy for the user to orient and purchase the optimal set in price and functionality.

Benefits of Environmental Control Kit Ecotester Soeks Detector Pulse

  • Robust protection against multiple threats. Devices notify the owner of four types of harmful effects at once, measuring radiation level, nitrate content in products, intensity of magnetic and electric fields.
  • Cost savings up to 15%. By purchasing two devices in the same kit, you get them at a much lower price and save a significant amount of money that you can spend on other purposes.
  • Easy presentation of information. Both devices are equipped with bright LCD screens, on which information is displayed in a comfortable form for perception. The devices have already entered the maximum permissible values and the user is notified of their exceeding (threshold values can be corrected).
  • Audio alarm. You will not miss threshold crossing information because, in addition to displaying warnings, the Soex ecotester and Pulse detector alert you with sounds. This option improves the user 's read reliability.
  • Rechargeable battery power. Both devices are powered by two batteries or AAA batteries. In the second case, the cells can be charged without removing from the devices - it is enough to buy a network adapter or USB cable to connect to the computer.

What is Soex 's ecotester

The only device of its kind that allows to estimate the level of radiation, including radiation of gamma- and beta-particles taking into account X-ray, as well as to measure the content of nitrate in food. The extensive capabilities of the device make it a universal choice for those people who care about their health and are unwilling to consume dangerous products containing nitrates or presenting radioactive hazards. As a dosimeter it is suitable for those who work in the sphere of construction, real estate, is interested in objects of old age, antiques, stone products or jewelry, or because of the kind of activity deals with sources of ionizing radiation. As a nitratomer, the device can be used by medical and children 's institutions that need to purchase harmless products, as well as by the control authorities of products that are supplied to store shelves.
How the Soex Ecotester Works (2 in 1 Dosimeter Nitrate Tester)

Measurement of radioactivity. The ecotester estimates the amount of radioactive background by measuring the power of ionizing gamma-, beta-, and X-ray radiation. In terms of its characteristics, the dosimeter built into the ecotester is similar to the famous SoEx dosimeter - the instrument uses the same Geiger-Muller counter, which provides high speed and accuracy of measurements. The evaluation result is displayed on the screen, in addition to the numerical display of the current radiation activity, the instrument can output last minute data graphically (the chart is located at the top of the screen and continuously moves from right to left). The user can set the threshold level above which the danger signal will be heard. The most accurate results can be obtained after four to five measurement cycles, which reduces the probability of error to a minimum.

SOEX ecotester in radioactivity measurement mode

Assessment of nitrate content. The amount of nitrates is calculated by estimating the conductivity of the high frequency alternating current in the measured product. Measurement is carried out by puncturing the product with a special probe located in the lower part of the device. The ecotester 's memory contains permissible nitrate concentrations for various vegetables and fruits, as well as meat. Comparing the received content data with the data from the memory, the device estimates the level of danger and outputs the result to the screen in numerical form and in the form of a text message. Unlike many similar devices, the ecotester is not configured for a group of products, but for each particular product separately.

To determine the amount of nitrates, remove the protective cover from the probe and insert it into the product under test

What is the Pulse detector

This device is equipped with 6 sensitive sensors (3 for the electric and magnetic component of the field), as well as displays a 2D/3D beam pattern, so it allows to quickly find the source of the electromagnetic field. The detector also measures the frequency of field oscillations in a rather wide range of frequencies - this helps to determine the nature of the radiation. The history of the last minute results is stored in the memory of the device, an audio alarm system is provided when the field exceeds the threshold power level.

How the Pulse detector works

Indicator of electromagnetic fields Pulse is used for detection and localization of areas of dangerous electromagnetic radiation, apparatus detects electromagnetic field with the help of sensors located orthogonal to each other, each sensor detects field change in one plane - such design provides the device with three-dimensional beam pattern and a more sensitive response to the position of the source in space. If the sensor is affected by an electromagnetic field, it measures its strength or induction (depending on the type of sensor), processes the signal, and outputs the measurement result to the display.

Features of electromagnetic field indicator

The 3D beam pattern allows you to find the field source faster. The indicator determines the intensity of the fields by means of 6 sensors (3 for electric field, 3 for magnetic field) - the sensors are directed at right angles to each other, so that the instrument is responsive to the change of field in all three planes. This makes it possible to find radiation sources much more efficiently and more quickly.

Due to the wide range of measured frequencies, the nature of the radiation can be determined. In addition to power, the indicator measures the frequency of the electromagnetic field in a rather wide range - from 20 Hz to 2 kHz! Knowing the frequency helps determine the nature of the radiation. For example, if you capture radiation from industrial frequency currents, most likely the source is some electrical appliance or wiring in the wall, if the frequency is much higher - perhaps it is radiation from a powerful object nearby, for example, a cellular tower.

Other capabilities of Pulse indicator:

The history of the last minute readings is stored in the memory of the device, if necessary, this data can be easily displayed on the display. With this feature, you can easily make a detailed report - if you, for example, need to provide your superiors with information about the compliance of your workplace with acceptable standards.
If the threshold is exceeded, it will alert you. The indicator is equipped with an audible alarm system, which is activated if the electromagnetic radiation level exceeds a certain threshold level. This threshold level is manually set by the user through the device menu.
Both devices are powered by two AAA batteries or batteries with the ability to charge them directly in the instrument

Two standard AAA batteries are used to power each detector (10 hours of continuous operation), and suitable batteries can also be used. The devices have a battery charging indication system. Make sure that the type of power selected in the settings matches the elements used, otherwise the indication may not be correct. When using batteries it is possible to recharge detectors from USB port of personal computer or laptop, for this purpose there are special mini-USB connectors on the housing of instruments. When connecting devices to a PC, or detectors can operate without power.

Technical characteristics of the EPCS ecotester:

  • Nitrate measurement range, mg/kg 20 to 5,000
  • Range of radioactive background level readings, μSv/h up to 1000
  • Range of readings of radioactive background level, mcR/h up to 100 000
  • Recorded gamma energy, MeV from 0.1
  • Warning thresholds, μSv/h from 0.3 to 100
  • Warning thresholds, μR/h from 30 to 10 000
  • Measurement time, seconds to 10
  • Indication of readings Continuous, numerical, graphical
  • Measurement error, not more than/- 15%
  • Power supplies, auxiliary power Batteries or AAA batteries, from network adapter or USB
  • Supply voltage range, V 1.9 - 3.0
  • Continuous operation time of the article, not less than 10 hours
  • Overall dimensions height x width x thickness, max., mm 144х47х17
  • Weight of the article (without power elements), maximum, gr. 66
  • Battery charging current, maximum, mA 300
  • Current consumption from charger or USB, maximum mA 500
  • Charger output voltage, V 4.5 to 5.5
  • Display Color TFT, 128x160
  • Operating temperature range, С from -20 to 60

Specifications ECPS Pulse:

  • Range of measured frequencies of electromagnetic field, Hz from 20 to 2 000
  • Range of measurement of amplitude value of magnetic field intensity (magnetic induction) along axes X, Y, Z, A/m (μT) from 0.04 to 12 * (from 0.05 to 15 *)
  • Measuring range of standard values of magnetic field intensity (magnetic induction), A/m (μT) from 0.08 to 20 * (from 0.1 to 25 *)
  • Limits of permissible relative error of magnetic field intensity measurement,% 30
  • Hardware nonlinearity of magnetic field intensity measurement in the range of measurement at test magnetic field frequency of 50 Hz, maximum,% 7
  • Measurement range of amplitude value of electric field intensity, V/m from 10 to 1700 *
  • Limits of permissible relative error of measurement of electric field values,%/- 15%
  • Hardware nonlinearity of measurement of electric field values within the measurement range at test electric hollow frequency of 50 Hz, maximum,% 4

The list of the measured products:

Product Name MAC* Product Name MAC*
60 Cucumber (soil)
60 Cucumber (hothouse)
200 Pepper (sweet)
300 Peach
60 Tomato (soil)
60 Tomato (hothouse)
2000 Garden radish
90 Radish
Early cabbage
900 Salad
Late cabbage
500 Beet
Vegetable marrow
400 Persimmon
250 Apple
60 Children's norm 50
80 Fresh meat
Green Onions
600 Early carrots
Late carrots
250 Nectarine

MAC* - threshold limit value

Guarantee 1 year

We are lоcated in Ukraine, but if you or your friends are planning to visit any city of Ukraine, or are planning a tour to Chernobyl (excursion to Chernobyl), then we can send you a dosimeter via the " New Post " courier service https: // novaposhta .ua / This courier delivery has many representative offices in every city of Ukraine. You can pay for the purchase directly at the branch of this company upon receipt of the goods by payment card or in UAH in cash upon receipt of the goods at the "New Post" Office. The goods are delivered to any city of Ukraine within 1-2 days. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Ukraine, fill the order through the shopping cart site or write your request to us at VIBER on +38063 885 90 64 to reserve or order a dosimeter. Good shopping for you! Order right now!

Nitrate measurementApricot, Watermelon, Banana, Eggplant, Grape, Pear, Greenery, Melon, Early cabbage, Late cabbage, Squash, Potatoes, Strawberry, Onion, Green onion, Late carrot, Early carrots, Nectarine, Ground cucumber, Hothouse cucumber, Sweet pepper, Peach, Ground tomato, Hothouse tomato, Radish, Radish, Salad, Beet, Persimmon, An Apple, Children's norm, Fresh meat
Range of measurement of nitrate content, mg / kg20 — 5000
Accumulated Dose MeasurementYes
FeedingFrom batteries, From battery
Device typePocket, Portable
Type of radiationGamma
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
IP degree of protectionthere is no data
Country of originRussia
Guarantee12 month

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