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Radon dosimeter radiometer SARAD DOSEman PRO

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DAETman PRO was developed as part of a Federal Office for Radiation Protection project as a personal dosimeter to accurately determine exposure to short-lived radon products. It is also suitable for continuous measurement of the time stroke of the Radonfolgproductconcentration. In combination with a radon monitor (e.g. RTM 1688-2), the user gets a cost effective option to determine the equilibrium coefficient. The size and weight of the Radon Follow-up dosimeter allows you to wear a DAETman PRO on your body without limiting your freedom of movement. With a fully charged battery, the device can operate for more than 40 hours. Thanks to the optimized measuring head, no maintenance work is required except for the monthly filter replacement (in continuous operation and usually dust-laden air). The radon display of a daughter product of the DAETman PRO dosimeter can switch between integer values, "Potential alpha-energy irradiation" (PAEE) and equivalent dose and current concentration of PAEC values, and "equilibrium concentration of radon equivalent" (EEC). Calculation of equivalent dose is based on selected coefficient. If the dose limit is exceeded, the audible signal is activated. The exponometer for subsequent monitoring of radon is protected from unauthorized access, and various coding options are available for the personal and local purpose of the measured data. The obtained measurement data is stored as nonvolatile time series by an internal data recorder. Data is transferred via an infrared interface using a dedicated reader adapter to connect to the PC 's USB port. The radon follow-up dosimeter comes with the latest version of Radon Vision software.


  • Principle of operation Collection of Radon decay products on the filter surface by air flow. Constant alpha spectroscopic analysis of the filter surface
  • Filter 0.8 μm membrane filter (PTFE) Diameter 17.5 mm Replacement interval 1 month
  • Membrane pump 0.18 l/min
  • Sensitivity Approx 150 cpm @ 1000 Bq/m
  • Response time 2 hours (up to 90% of interval duration)
  • Integration interval 1... 255 minutes, configured in increments of 1 minute
  • Management Single button with lock function
  • Display 3 x 12 characters, US and SI system Audible alarm
  • Record memory 377 and total distribution, non-volatile
  • Interface Special infrared adapter connected to USB port PC
  • Power Built-in battery Operating time-about 48 hours Charging time about 2 hours
  • Housing Strong aluminium with open measuring sensor Dimensions 138 x 57 x 32 mm Mass 300g
  • Radon Vision Software

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FeedingFrom battery
PC connectionUSB
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