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Search dosimeter radiometer Ecotest МКС-11ГН «СПЕКТРА»

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Highly sensitive and compact device for detection, localization and identification of radioactive and nuclear materials by their external gamma and neutron radiation and amplitude gamma spectrum. SPECTRA identifies radionuclides indicating the category to which they belong (according to IAEA requirements).
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It is used to prevent their illegal movement across State borders, as well as in enterprises and institutions where work is carried out on sources of gamma and neutron radiation. The new search algorithm provides high sensitivity of the device and instant response at the slightest change of gamma or neutron background level. Scintillator with silicon photomultiplier of new type provides high temperature stability of the device, as well as completely eliminates "microphone effect." The device is extremely easy to use due to its compact dimensions, large colour display and the possibility of continuous operation for more than 240 hours in the on state.


  • Identification of radionuclide type by their amplitude gamma spectra
  • Determination of intensity of gamma and neutron radiation
  • Measurements of equivalent dose rate of gamma and X-ray radiation (photonic ionizing radiation MAED)
  • Indication of the rate of equivalent neutron radiation dose (neutron radiation MAED)
  • Measurements of equivalent dose (AED) of gamma and X-ray radiation
  • Storage of amplitude gamma spectra and event logs in nonvolatile memory


  • Highly sensitive scintillation detectors CsI gamma radiation and next-generation neutron radiation LiI with solid-state (silicon) photomultiplier.
  • High resolution color display.
  • The ability to store and transmit 250 full gamma-ray spectra.
  • Powerful processor and advanced spectrum processing algorithms.
  • New software for detailed laboratory and spectrum processing.
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver.
  • No "microphone effect."
  • High thermal stability.
  • Power from built-in lithium-polymer batteries that can be charged via USB cable.
  • The device communicates with the PC via a USB port.
  • Spectrum identification takes place in real time.
  • Identification of radionuclides indicating the category to which they belong (according to IAEA requirements):

- Medical radionuclides: 18 F, 67 Ga, 51 Cr, 75 Se, 89 Sr, 99 Mo, 99m Tc, 103 Pd, 111 In, 123 I, 125 I, 131 I, 153 Sm, 201 Tl, 133 Xe;

- Industrial radionuclides: 57 Co, 60 Co, 133 Ba, 137 Cs, 192 Ir, 152 Eu, 22 Na, 241 Am;

- Special nuclear materials: 233 U, 235 U, 237 Np, Pu [reactor plutonium (more than 6% 240 Pu)];

- Natural radioactive materials: 40 K, 138 La, 226 Ra, 232 Th and decay products, 238 U and decay products.

Note: The list of nuclides that can identify the device can be extended if necessary.

  • Threshold signaling system with four independent threshold levels:

- search threshold level (threshold level on the speed of the account of impulses from the detector of photon and neutron ionizing radiation)

- Threshold level of safety (threshold level by MAED of photonic and neutron ionizing radiation).

  • Light color alarm (indication) about threshold levels exceeding (by gamma radiation - red color, by neutron - blue), as well as sound and vibration alarm.
  • Degree of protection of the IP67 shell.
  • Calibrated using Th232 (Thorium).

Technical characteristics of dosimeter:

  • Sensitivity to gamma radiation for 137 Cs, minimum (m.p./С)/(μSv/h) 200
  • Sensitivity to neutron radiation:
  • - For thermal neutrons, not less than imp. · cm ²/neutron 1.2 ± 0.12
  • - For fast neutrons, not less than imp. · cm ²/neutron 0.120 ± 0.012
  • Measurement range of MAED photonic ionizing radiation 0.01 μSv/h... 1 Sv/h
  • Neutron radiation indication range of MAED 0.01 μSv/h... 10 mSv/h
  • Measurement range of equivalent dose of gamma and X-ray radiation 0.1 μSv... 10 Sv
  • Range of indication of speed of photonic ionizing radiation readings m.p./s 1... 25000
  • Range of neutron radiation reading speed indication, m.p./s 0.01... 25000
  • Limits of permissible basic relative error at measurement of MAED of photonic ionizing radiation% ± (15 1/H * (10)), where H * (10) - numerical value of measured MAED, equivalent to μSv/h
  • Energy range of photonic ionizing radiation detected by MeV 0.02... 3,00
  • Energy dependence of the instrument readings when measuring the MAED of photonic ionizing radiation in the energy range from 0.05 to 3.00 MeV relative to the energy of 0.662 MeV (137Cs)% ± 25
  • Range of neutron radiation energies recorded from thermal to 14 MeV
  • Number of channels of amplitude gamma spectrum channel 2048
  • Time of device operating mode setting, not more than min 1
  • Calibration time by gamma background level with 2... 60
  • Response time to change of MAED photonic ionizing radiation is more than 10 times from 0.25
  • Nominal supply voltage of dosimeter from lithium-polymer accumulator B 3.7
  • Time of continuous operation of the device at power supply from the swollen battery under conditions of normal background radiation and off display illumination, not less than h 240
  • Operating temperature range ° С -20... 50
  • Overall dimensions of the device, no more than a mm 67 x 126 x 30
  • Weight of the device, not more than kg 0.28

Complete set:

  • Dosimeter-radiometer search МКС-11ГН "SPECTRA"
  • Charger
  • Operating instructions
  • Software
  • case

Warranty: 24 months

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Dose thresholdYes
Device typePocket, Portable
Type of radiationGamma, Х-ray, Neutrons
PC connectionUSB
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
IP degree of protectionIP67

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