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The household dosimeter МКС-01СА1Б МКС-01СА1Б (speaking)

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Multi-functional personal dosimeter МКС-01СА1Б with voice support.
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Features of МКС-01СА1Б:

  • Indication of current units and flashing symbol of radiation intensity on the display;
  • Voice voicing of the results of measurement of dose rate of gamma radiation and operative voice analysis of radiation situation: "NORMAL" - at dose rate up to 60 mkR/hour; "ATTENTION" - from 60 to 120 mcR/hour; "DANGEROUS" - more than 120 mkR/hour. For the convenience of the consumer, voice voicing of readings takes place in old (non-system) units of dose rate measurement - μR/hour, mR/hour;
  • Convenience in operation of household dosimeters due to pocket size, availability of easily readable large two line alphanumeric liquid crystal display with illumination and only two pseudo-sensor control buttons;
  • Long continuous operation time (more than 400 hours) from one set of power elements;
  • Signalling of power supply elements discharge.
  • Simultaneous indication on the display of the observation result (dose rate of gamma radiation or flow density of concrete and alpha particles) and its current statistical error in the confidence range of 0.95;
  • Tone audible alarm when user-defined dose rate thresholds, beta particle flux density, integral dose and upper limit of measurement range are exceeded;
  • Storage of accumulated dose at change (absence) of power supply elements for long term (more than 5 years);
  • Fast automatic change of instrument readings at change of radiation intensity by more than double standard deviation of measurement result (2δ);

Used to:

  • Searching for energy sources released by atoms and effectively estimating radiation background;
  • Estimation of the frequency of the α particles;
  • Estimating the flow frequency of β particles from contaminated surfaces;
  • Estimating the rate of the ambient gamma and X-ray dose;
  • Evaluation of the ambient gamma and X-ray dose;
  • Assessment of contamination of food by radiation particles and radon environment.


  • Radiation detector Gas-discharge counter
  • Range of measurement of a dose, μSv from 1 to 1∙10 6
  • Range of dose rate measurement, μSv/h from 0.1 to 9999.9
  • Photon energy range, MeV 0.05 to 3.0
  • Range of beta particle flux density measurement (90Sr), ppm from 5 to 3x10 4
  • Lower limit of energy of detected beta-radiation, max., MeV 0.05
  • Basic relative error in all measuring modes,% ± 25
  • Range of indication of density of a stream of alpha particles (on 239 Pu), is frequent / (cm 2 × mines) from 10 to 3·10 4
  • User-defined dose rate alarm thresholds with a step of 0.1 μSv/h Over the entire measurement range
  • User-defined beta particle flow density alarm thresholds in increments of 1 ppm Over the entire measurement range
  • User-defined integrated gamma-ray dose alarm thresholds, μSv (in increments of 1 μSv) Over the entire measurement range
  • Indication of measurement and its statistical error Continuous
  • Frequency of change of display readings, from 1
  • Structural design Plastic housing
  • Power supply Two AA elements
  • Duration of continuous operation with one set of power elements, hour, not less than 400
  • Operating temperature range from minus 20 to 50 oC
  • Overall dimensions, mm 112 × 62 × 30
  • Weight, g, not more than 200

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FeedingFrom batteries
Device typePocket
Type of radiationGamma, Beta, Аlpha
PC connectionNo
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
Recorded gamma radiation energiesmin from 50 eV, max up to 3 meV
IP degree of protectionthere is no data
Country of originRussia

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