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Medical dosimetric system RaySafe Xi

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Dosimetric system for X-ray cabinet RaySafe Xi for monitoring of electrical and radiation operational parameters of medical X-ray machines. RaySafe Xi is the best choice for organizations engaged in production, operation and maintenance of X-ray diagnostics machines (RDA), as well as for organizations responsible for monitoring the operation of this equipment.
FeedingFrom batteries
Device typeStation
PC connectionBluetooth, RS-232
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RaySafe Xi is a modern universal X-ray dosimeter for the control of electrical and radiation parameters of medical X-ray machines. The device fully meets the needs of specialists and requirements of regulatory documents.


  • Control of X-ray machines of all types, including scanning machines, in all parameters;
  • Monitoring of leakage radiation and operability of automatic exposure systems;
  • measurement: the anode tension, kerma, power of kerma, kerma power for an impulse, works of the absorbed dose in the phantom at length (in the tomographic phantom), duration of an exposition, anode current (with calculation of quantity of electricity), thickness of a layer of half weakening of SPO (HVL), illumination of the working field, brightness of monitors and negatoscopes;
  • Determination in indicator mode: ambient dose equivalent, rate of ambient dose equivalent, core in air per pulse, number of pulses, pulse repetition frequency, complete filtering;
  • Optimal configuration.


  • An impact-resistant detector;
  • Measurement results are displayed on a widescreen three-line display;
  • The detector is connected to the panel by a replaceable cable 2 or 10 m long (from the basic delivery set), which allows remote measurement;
  • Device is used independently or using PC (optional);
  • Application of PC makes it possible to display measured data on the monitor screen and process them in Excel format (calculation of reproducibility, dose linearity and dose rate), as well as to control the shape of anode current curve and anode voltage pulsation;
  • The dosimeter is applicable for measurements on any type of medical X-ray equipment;
  • Dosimeter is applicable for monitoring mammography machines (including scanning devices) with any type of filtration;
  • automatic measurements in the mode of a X-ray analysis, roentgenoscopy and in the pulse modes without selection of the filter and change-over of the device. As a result of the measurements, the measurement spectrum is automatically corrected (based on the results of the ATP determination);
  • Indicator illumination.


  • Possibility to measure several parameters per exposure: anode voltage (kV); Anode current (mA); Quantities of electricity (mAs); Exposure duration (ms); Cermets (mGy); Kerma capacity (mGy/s); The number of pulses (digital mode), as well as the thickness of the half attenuation layer (PCM);
  • Combination of portability (the device is placed on the palm of the hand) and reliability with high accuracy and convenience of measurements;
  • The device can be equipped with additional detectors: to control the illumination of the working field; Brightness of monitors; Search for radiation leaks through the damage points of the radar protection; Measurement of scattered radiation; Monitoring of serviceability of automatic exposure control systems (AUE) of RDA;
  • The instrument may be equipped with special detector holders for all applications, including vertical plane measurements.


  • RaySafe Xi R/F for radiographic/roentgenoscopic devices
  • RaySafe XI MAM for mammography machines (except scanning machines)
  • RaySafe Xi MAM Scanning for Scanning Mammography Machines
  • RaySafe Xi R/F&MAM the universal detector for radiographic / roentgenoscopic and mammography (except scanning) devices
  • CT RaySafe XI for computed tomography
  • RaySafe Xi Survey for Leakage and Scattered Radiation Measurement
  • Xi Light RaySafe for measurement of working field illumination, contact brightness of cathode-ray screens (CRT-display) and liquid crystal monitors (LCD-monitors), for determination of working surface brightness and quality check of images of monitors of workstations, film nonhatoscopes,
  • RaySafe Xi Transparent to monitor the operability of automatic exposure control systems (AUE) of RDA


  • RaySafe Xi Base Unit Basic unit Universal X-ray dosimeter exposure duration, 1 ms 999.9 s,
  • Quantity of pulses, 1 9999 ± 0.5% or 0.2 s
  • RaySafe Xi Base Unit w/mAs Universal X-ray dosimeter with anode current measurement function is the same as above
  • anode current 0.001 ÷ 2000 мА ±1%
  • quantity of electricity 0.001 ÷ 9999 IAU of ±1%
  • Anode current profile (oscillogram) up to 1.2 s
  • Other characteristics:
  • Overall dimensions, weight 28 × 74 × 142 mm, 250 g
  • 9 V battery power supply, battery operation time not less than 20 h
  • Communication with PC via RS-232 or Bluetooth; Xi View Software

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FeedingFrom batteries
Device typeStation
PC connectionBluetooth, RS-232

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