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Radon dosimeter radiometer SARAD DOSEman

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The radon dosimeter-radiometer SARAD DAETman is a modern instrument based on the principle of alpha spectroscopy, thanks to which the user of the device DAETman will be immediately informed of the excess of the permissible Radon concentration in the air. The device is equipped with a built-in battery, which ensures continuous operation of the dosimeter for 12 days. The anti-andal strong housing allows to use the instrument without worrying about its damage during exploitation. The measurement results are...
FeedingFrom battery
Device typePortable
Vibration signalYes
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The SARAD DOSEman radon dosimeter-radiometer is a modern German-made instrument that operates on the principle of alpha spectroscopy. Therefore, the DAETman dosimeter is able almost instantly as for such devices (from 15 minutes) to detect and signal the excess of the permissible Radon concentration in the air. Built-in battery provides continuous operation of dosimeter for 12 days. A strong dust-water-proof housing allows a rigid operation of the instrument in the field. And having just one control button ensures easy control of the dosimeter. The device provides both sound and light alarm, which is also important. Measurement results are stored in nonvolatile memory of radon dosimeter. To download a measurement report, you will need a special IR adapter that connects to the computer 's USB port. The device comes with basic Radon Vision firmware.

Device Setup
All current device settings can only be changed when connected to a personal computer. In addition to the duration of the measurement interval and the concentration measurement mode, the equilibrium coefficient of radon and decay products, the exposure dose conversion coefficient and the dose threshold for the alarm signal are adjusted. In order to accurately associate the measurement results to a specific employee or place of measurement, identification codes may be specified, which will then be printed on the measurement protocols or contained in the exported data files. Activation of the button lock on the front panel avoids unauthorized manipulation of the instrument. The software also enables and disables the beep. When it is switched on, the device responds to each pressing of the button with a short signal. Please review the software operating manual before operating the instrument.

Brief description of the use of the dosimeter-radiometer

  1. Start of measurements
  2. Information mode
  3. Current radon concentration measurement mode
  4. Measuring mode of average radon concentration
  5. Measurement of exposure dose
  6. Stop measurements and turn off the device
  7. Preventions


  • Range of radon concentration measurement 0... 4 MBq/m³ (0 - 4.000.000 Bq/m³)
  • Response time 12/120 minutes to 95% final (fast/slow)
  • Sensitivity 0.18/0.32 pulses per minute/kBq/m
  • Statistical error 20% (1) at 200 Bq/m in 8 hours (slow mode)
  • 10% (1) at 200 Bq/m in 24 hours (slow mode)
  • 16% (1) at 1000 Bq/m in 2 hours (slow mode)
  • Measurement interval 1... 255 minutes (software adjustable)
  • Measurement results memory 720 (non-volatile) and total spectrum
  • Power to internal battery for approximately 12 days of continuous operation, charge time about 2 hours
  • Control and indication buttons, LED, beep, 3x12 LCD
  • LCD information operating mode, current and average radon concentration, exposure dose in SI or US units
  • Dimensions/weight 115 x 57 x 32 mm, 250 g
  • The interface is infrared. Specialized adapter required
  • The software of data transmission, change of settings and device control is performed by Radon Vision package

Beginning of measurements

Information mode

Current concentration of radon

Average concentration of radon

Exposition dose

Complete set:

  • SARAD DAETman dosimeter-radiometer
  • Battery charger
  • Bag-covering for dosimeter
  • Passport
  • Warranty Ticket

Warranty: 12 months
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FeedingFrom battery
Device typePortable
Vibration signalYes

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