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Dosimeter household R&D INSTRUMENTS KB 4011

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Household dosimeter radiometer, geiger counter - a device for measuring radiation R&D INSTRUMENTS KB 4011 is the best solution for monitoring radiation radiation in the home and in industry, as well as when you need to use a compact and accurate device. This personal dosimeter - radiometer measures gamma, beta and X-ray radiation up to a maximum value of 5 μSv / h with an error of no more than 10%. The radiation detector is characterized by high sensitivity and good response to sudden changes in the...
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Personal dosimeter - radiation detector KB 4011 has dimensions no larger than a mobile phone, made of high-quality, durable and non-slip plastic, which is convenient when used in the field. The dosimeter displays the measurement values on the backlit LCD display, as well as the battery charge indicator. You can toggle the data display between standard, graph, and detailed view, which displays real-time radiation readings, average, total exposure received, number of source contacts, and total exposure time.

The main features of the dosimeter are powered by a rechargeable 1200 mAh battery, which is enough for 3-4 hours of continuous operation, as well as extremely simple operation with three buttons. From the dosimeter settings, you can set the alarm threshold from 0.5 to 5 μSv / h and turn off the backlight. Please note that in order to display correct data, the dosimeter must operate for a minute after switching on. Note separately that the radiation meter R&D INSTRUMENTS KB 4011 has a certificate of compliance with the European radiation safety standards EN 61326-1: 2013.

Main features and characteristics

  • Portable household dosimeter - battery powered radiometer, lightweight and compact. Smaller and more functional than its counterparts.
  • Designed to measure y-, b - and X-ray radiation. Measurement range from 0 to 5 μSv / h.
  • Automatic signaling of a danger when the radiation level reaches 0.50 μSv / h is set by default. The response threshold can be adjusted from 0.5 to 5 μSv / hour.
  • The radiation detector is distinguished by high measurement accuracy, good response to a sharp increase in the radiation level, small error no more than 10%.
  • Backlit screen, charge indicator, switchable modes between normal, table and graph.
  • In the table mode, the device displays readings of radiation in real time, its average value, the total amount of radiation received, the number of contacts with sources and the total time spent in the radiation zone.
  • No complicated settings, only 3 buttons. Ready to work immediately after switching on.
  • For accurate readings, the device must work for at least a minute, then its readings become accurate and stable.
  • Battery 1200 mAh for 3-4 hours of continuous work.
  • Has a European certificate of compliance with radiation safety standards EN 61326-1: 2013.


  • Radiation type: γ radiation, β-particles, X-ray radiation.
  • Sensor: Geiger-Muller counter.
  • Equivalent Dose: 0.00 ~ 1000 μSv / h.
  • Energy range: 48keV ~ 1.5MeV (<± 30%).
  • Accuracy: <± 10%.
  • Unit of measurement: μSv / h.
  • Alarm values:> 0.50 μSv / h, configurable 1, 2 and 5 μSv / h.
  • Battery: 1200mAh.
  • Dimensions: 115 x 44 x 18mm.
  • Weight: 85 gr.


  • Radiation dosimeter R&D INSTRUMENTS KB 4011 - 1 pc.
  • USB cable - 1 pc.
  • Instruction (English) - 1 pc.
State verificationNo
FeedingFrom battery
Device typePocket
Type of radiationGamma, Beta, Х-ray
PC connectionNo
Detector typeGeiger-Muller counter
IP degree of protectionthere is no data
Guarantee12 month

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